February Hiatus: An Update!

february hiatus

So… It’s been a hot minute since I posted! A few factors contributed: 


I had double knee surgeries at the very end of January. I’ve never had surgery before, and while it was minor I admit I was high on anesthesia drugs and ibuprofen laced with a buttload of codeine for a full week afterwards! Not my best or, more to the point, most productive look ?


Once I was cleared as “healing well,” I helped my parents move one of their last loads of Stuff down to their new Florida house. This included hobbling around their Michigan house to get the last of my own Stuff out of it, plus celebrating my mom’s MUCH-deserved early retirement. With parties. Lots of parties. Every day. For a week. Eh, what can I say? She’s beloved ?


After we finally escaped the snow to deliver said Stuff to their new home, we took a family vaca to DISNEY WORLD! Those who know me know Disney has been an almost annual part of my life since I was only a few months old. And since the Fam and I knew we wouldn’t be seeing each other for a while, we wanted to spend some quality Three Musketeers time together in one of our favorite places ☺️ Sans electronics.


Well, I may or may not have left the States again… 

All right, you got me: FOURTH, I moved to Chile! Temporarily, of course. But for the rest of this year I’ll be nesting here in Santiago with Boyfriend, writing my little butt off while he works to improve the lives of Chileans working in mines all over the country. It’s an interesting time to be here, for sure. But we’re both thrilled to be living a new chapter in which, hopefully, we’ll both develop lovely tans and become fluent in Spanish by December.

And experience personal and professional successes. Obviously that, too. ?

So now that I’m finally settled in our apartment (that, FIFTH, didn’t have WiFi until yesterday), I’m excited to get back to doing what I love: traveling, writing & traveling some more. Can’t wait to begin sharing my new adventures on this new continent! 

I can already tell it’s gonna be wild.


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